ZYDRA 46 – Per Metre Delivered – Stab, Cut and Puncture Proof

$99.00 $89.95

Zydra is designed to be stronger, lighter and cooler than Aramid Fabrics per weight Zydra is almost twice as strong as Aramid Fibres for the same amount of weight this means less material is needed making it lighter and stronger. Zydra is used for a large range of products because of its extreme cut, puncture, slash, stab resistant properties. Applications include cut and stab proof vests, protective gloves, fishing line, skis, snow boards, ropes, slings, tie down straps, bow strings,  climbing equipment, spear lines, high performance sales, suspension lines on sport parachutes and para-gliders, and the list goes on. There is not much Zydra can’t do. To buy in bulk and save please email  zydramaterial@outlook.com